Artist Networks and Convenings

Support for Communities

Mobilizing the Community Through the Arts

Artist Networks and Convenings Initiative

Awards up to $15,000

As part of NACF’s continuing effort to nurture the activities of artistic communities, we are supporting projects that foster beneficial alliances between artists. Particular consideration was given to organizations presenting arts conferences, convening groups of artists, or supporting master artist to artist residencies in the development of connections between artists from different regions, across disciplines, or who share in the same practices. Of critical importance to the projects awarded in 2011 is the development of artistic and cultural practice and the opportunity for artists and culture bearers to network and collaborate. In these settings, artists and culture bearers will focus on best practices, professional development, change in their fields, their relationship to local, national and global communities, and the exchange of knowledge and technical skills. The outcomes of these opportunities will provide increased communication in the field, deepen connection between artists, and most importantly, establish a foundation for continued collaboration, exchange, and relationship building.

Total allocation: $110,000

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