Regional Collaboration Pilot Program

Support for the Field

Strengthening the Arts and Cultures Infrastructure

Regional Collaboration Pilot Program

Awards up to $40,000

Support for the field is of vital importance to the sustainability of Native arts and culture practices across the board and in essence, becomes the most significant of NACF’s strategies to develop meaningful assets amongst a strong cohort of regional partners. In the second year of funding in this initiative, NACF’s strategy is to increase our investment and deepen our involvement with the partner organizations in developing the capacity of their operations and the quality of their respective programs. Too, the initiative will bring organizational leadership together to build synergies on a national stage, sharing best practices, and developing programming and advocacy strategies that best serve the field.

The initiative has invited organizations that are embedded within their communities, who have a strong regional presence, or who offer unique national programming. This cohort of organizations has demonstrated a history of quality programming focused on the arts and strong capable leadership. Preference has been given to organizations who offer broad based arts services including arts grants, professional development for Native artists, and market opportunities for Native artists.

Total allocation: $200,000

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