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T. Lulani ArquetteWe continue to develop our exciting new initiative in 2014 with several pilot demonstration projects in specific regions. Our new programming will be announced and launched in 2015.

As a continuation of our individual artist fellowship program, this year we are proud to offer NACF Regional Artist Fellowships.

Native Arts and Cultures Foundation

July 10 Deadline

To support the creation of new works from visual and traditional artists in the Upper Plains and Woodlands regions, the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation (NACF) is offering NACF Regional Artist Fellowships.

American Indian artists who live in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin and who hold citizenship in federally-recognized tribes located in those four states, are invited to apply.

Kaili Chun, 2014 NACF Visual Arts Fellow

Veritas ii by Kaili Chun (Native Hawaiian, 2014 NACF Visual Arts Fellow)

A 2014 NACF Visual Arts Fellowship enables installation artist Kaili Chun (Native Hawaiian) the chance to create a new aesthetic terrain.

This spring, renowned musician and beloved singer Keola Beamer (Native Hawaiian, 2014 NACF Music Fellow) has brought aloha to New Zealand, California, Idaho and Washington, as part of the Malama Ko Aloha (Keep Your Love) tour.

2014 NACF Music Fellow Keola Beamer (Native Hawaiian)

By Patrick Makuakāne (Native Hawaiian)
2014 NACF Dance Fellow

Maikaʻi Kauaʻi hemolele i ka mālie. Beautiful is Kauaʻi unparalleled in the calm. So begins a traditional chant honoring the island of Kauaʻi.

I can solemenly testify to this statement as I stand in Ke Ahu A Laka, a sacred heiau (temple) nestled on the northern cliffs of the island, peering over the crashing waves at Kēʻē, an ancient site dedicated to Laka, the patron diety of the hula.

Patrick Makuakane and students paying respect to Laka on Kaua'i.

Patrick Makuakāne and students paying respects to Laka on Kaua'i.

Hula Drama Tour

Kumu hula and 2014 NACF Dance Fellow Micah Kamohoali'i and the halau Na Kipu'upu'u launches their Hānau Ke Aliʻi (Born is the Chief) Hula Drama Tour on May 16.

For the next hear, the halau will travel island to island to present the story of Kamehameha I, as told by his Waimea descendants.

Kumu hula Micah Kamohoali'i (Native Hawaiian, 2014 NACF Dance Fellow) and halau Na Kipu'upu'u.

Kumu hula Micah Kamohoali'i (Native Hawaiian, 2014 NACF Dance Fellow) and halau Na Kipu'upu'u.