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2014 NACF Regional Artist Fellowship Awardees


2014 NACF Regional Artist Fellowship Awardees

The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation is proud to announce 2014 NACF Regional Artist Fellowships have been awarded to Delina White (Ojibwe), Jennifer M. Stevens (Oneida/Lakota), Kevin Pourier (Lakota) and Star Wallowing Bull (Ojibwe/Arapaho).

Jeremy Frey, 2014 NACF Artist Fellow for Traditonal ArtsPassamaquoddy basket maker Jeremy Frey was honored with best of category awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market and at the Annual Heard Museum Fair for pieces he completed with the support of a 2014 NACF Artist Fellowship for Traditional Arts.

Santee Frazier (Cherokee), 2014 NACF Artist Fellow in Literature

Poet Santee Frazier (Cherokee) gave author talks on his debut work “Dark Thirty,” prepared his second book of poetry for publication and began writing a third collection of poems with the support of a 2014 NACF Artist Fellowship in Literature.

Over the last four years, I have had the honor to serve as the first Program Director at the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation

Nora and Eliza Naranjo Morse. Photo by
Craig Smith courtesy of the Heard Museum Native American Artists Resource Collection.

Nora Naranjo Morse (Santa Clara Pueblo-Tewa) is a 2014 NACF Visual Arts Fellow. In her fellowship year, she is presenting a performance piece with her daughter Eliza for the 5 x 5 exhibition. The duo will engage a neighborhood of southwest Washington D.C. through public art for the next five weeks.

With the support of an NACF Artist Fellowship, Raven Chacon (Navajo) is producing boundary-pushing music, prepping for a West Coast tour, releasing two new recordings in the next month and teaching next generations.

“The fellowship allowed me to produce several recordings,” said Chacon, whose runs the indie label Sicksicksick Distro when he’s not teaching, playing in one of six bands or working on his next solo piece. “I’m very grateful, the support has allowed me opportunities to tour and to invest time on projects. It’s allowed me to collaborate and each project leads to progress with another.”