Rulan Tangen (Kampanpagn/Norwegian/hunka Lakota), 2012 NACF Dance Fellow
Grantee:  Rulan Tangen
Native Citizenship:  Mixed Heritage
Location:  Santa Fe, N.M.
Award:  2012 NACF Artist Fellowship
Discipline:  Dance
Web Site:

Rulan Tangen is the director, choreographer and featured dancer at Dancing Earth Contemporary Dance Ensemble.

Rulan Tangen’s work balances a commitment to bring dance to regional, national and international communities at venues as varied as festivals, universities, Native wellness gatherings, art museums, desert canyons, dried riverbeds and symposiums for social-environmental justice. Arts writers have described the company’s performances as “rooted in the spirit and energy of the First Peoples and the land.”

Tangen engages community through intergenerational dance training workshops and full-length theater productions. Her internationally acclaimed choreography has been commissioned by the Heard Museum, the Santa Fe Art Institute, the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Teatro Nunes (Brazil), Centro Cultural de Recoleto Argentino and the International Aboriginal Choreographers Workshop. Her choreography is featured in films Apocalypto (director Mel Gibson) and The New World (director Terrence Malick).

In 2012, she was honored with an NACF Artist Fellowship in Dance. During her fellowship year, Tangen and Dancing Earth held performances, workshops, training, rehearsals, research, cultural exchange, community engagement and artistic collaborations in three U.S. states and two provinces of Canada, serving over 5,172 Native youth, young adults, elders and other community members.

With the support of an NACF Artist Fellowship, Tangen innovated works exploring the element of water as a primal force of earth and its life forms and produced “Walking At The Edge Of Water.” The full-length production incorporated video, theatrical movement and interpretive dance, employing costuming from recycled materials with an international Indigenous musical soundscape.

Solo study by Rulan Tangen (2012 NACF Dance Fellow) for “Walking At the Edge of Water” by Dancing Earth Creations in collaboration with Elemental Designs and Leray Images, created with the support of an NACF Artist Fellowship.

Preview of “Walking at the Edge of Water” by Dancing Earth Creations, choreographed by Rulan Tangen (2012 NACF Dance Fellow) with the support of an NACF Artist Fellowship.