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No matter what tradition you come from, you know that culture matters dearly. It speaks to our soul and has the power to bring us together. In Native cultures, art is simply a way of life, tightly woven into the everyday, passed from one generation to the next. Yet very few Native tribes and families have the means to support their artists and culture- bearers. Please help us in our effort to nurture indigenous arts and link our elders to the emerging artists of the future.

Native Arts and Cultures Foundation
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The basketweaver… the hula dancer… the totem carver… the painter… the filmmaker…

The artists who embrace traditional knowledge and the artists who work with new tools and technologies all translate the tug of ancient wisdom and the precious legacy of skills into meaningful creations of today. Your generous contribution will make an impact and help further this important work. Your contribution will:

  • Honor the elders who share their wisdom, art and culture with the next generation;
  • Support Native arts organizations who engage communities and artists in social change and progress;
  • Bring visibility to both emerging and seasoned Native artists and support their growth through fellowships that allow them to share their work with the world.

Because of the support of generous donors like you, in 2013, Ronald Paquin, an elder from Cheboygan, will spend six weeks teaching and demonstrating the art of canoe making to children and adults from five communities in Michigan. Teri Rofkar (Tlingit) will help shape an indigenous art and science curriculum in Sitka based on sustainable Tlingit practices and Cyril Pahinui (Native Hawaiian) will focus on the renowned slack-key tunings developed by generations of his family to teach a legacy of music to Native Hawaiians who are now the minority population in their ancestral land.

The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation exists to support American Indian, Native Alaskan, and Native Hawaiian artists, communities, and organizations throughout the United States.   In 2009, the foundation began a grantmaking program that awards individual artists, communities and organizations that strengthen the field of arts and culture. In three short years, it has awarded over $1,184,000 in grants to 72 artists and organizations in 25 states. In 2011, the foundation brought together over 100 Native arts and cultures organizations, funders, and artists from 25 states to brainstorm what is needed nationally to build support systems for the arts and Native artists. In 2012, the foundation released the findings of this convening in its Strengthening the Bones Report, which identified five goals participants felt were vital:

  • Nurture artist success;
  • Develop leadership potential in arts institutions, organizations and the field;
  • Mentor and strengthen youth through the arts;
  • Provide education and outreach within the field and the general public;
  • Build capacity for Native arts programming and community engagement.

Your gift will allow us to do so much more.

Help Keep the Creative Spirit Alive!

Your contribution is tax deductible, as we are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN No. 26-1595870. Donate safely online or mail donations to:

Native Arts and Cultures Foundation
11109 NE 14th Street
Vancouver, WA 98684