T. Lulani Arquette

Native Hawaiian

President/CEO, Native Arts and Cultures Foundation

Lulani Arquette (Native Hawaiian) is in her 12th year as the President and CEO of the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation (NACF); a national nonprofit located in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to advancing equity and Native knowledge with a focus on arts and cultural expression that helps support American Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native artists, organizations and communities. She brings over 25 years of professional experience steering organizations to their highest ability and potential. Through NACF’s work centered on transformative creativity and Native resilience, artists have advanced their careers, increased their national and international visibility, and strengthened relationships with their communities and stakeholders.

In 2020, NACF accepted the historic transfer of ownership of a building in Portland, Oregon that will become its new headquarters and the unique Center for Native Arts and Cultures that will provide artist maker space, and exhibiting and presenting opportunities. Arquette, a theatre performing artist herself with a BA in Theatre Arts and MA in Political Science, has performed in stage productions and executive-produced film projects. Her past work includes leading the largest multi-service organization for Native Hawaiians in Hawai`i and developing its first for-profit subsidiary. She created the Hawaii Leadership Center, a distinctive multi-sector leadership program for executives and managers that based its curriculum on Native Hawaiian, Asian, and contemporary western approaches.

Lulani has served on many boards including Grantmakers In the Arts, and is currently a board member of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals. She also received the 2021 Berresford Prize from United States Artists that honors cultural practitioners who have contributed significantly to the advancement, wellbeing, and care of artists in society.