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Open Call for Gallery Attendants and Event Volunteers

The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation (NACF) is looking for people interested in volunteering to support our visiting exhibition: Protection: Adaptation and Resistance. We are currently seeking Gallery Attendants and Event Volunteers for the opening celebration and community workshops.

Gallery Attendants are responsible for answering visitors’ inquiries, making sure the art is undisturbed by giving information to patrons about boundaries, and providing any instructional information regarding artworks. Attendants will also keep an accurate head count of visitors, alert the NACF team to maintenance or security issues, and help visitors have a safe and an enjoyable visit.

Event volunteers will provide support on a variety of needed duties, as assigned, such as greeting guests and supporting NACF staff and event collaborators.

To learn more, please fill out our volunteer application.

Ogiishkmanisii (King Fisher), Dyani White Hawk & Jennie Kappenman
12” x 12”, Oil, beads, porcupine quills and thread on canvas, 2018


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