Since 2011, the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation (NACF) has been a catalyst for cultural equity, promoting the work of our fellows and artist projects, producing issue-oriented presentations, panels, publications and workshops, and sponsoring efforts that further intercultural enrichment. We have collaborated with many Native organizations and others whose missions support increased awareness and appreciation of tribal or Native arts and culture in any arts discipline.

Native peoples need forums for telling their stories, and opportunities to build bridges between Native and non-Native stakeholders and audiences. To that end, the NACF has awarded local, regional and national grants to organizations that share our vision and have the demonstrated capacity to build a flourishing Native arts and cultural landscape. However, the need for arts and cultures funding for Indigenous artists far surpasses our ability to give. You can help us build our foundation of support by making a gift today.

David Naranjo, Ka'ila Farrell-Smith, Asa Wright, Izzy De La Meme, Aaron Erdrich, Terri Hom, Seajay Johnson
Photo by Quiahuitl Villegas, 2019.



White Pelican Pod: Indigenous Artist Retreat

In June of 2019, the 2018 Mentor Artist Fellowship cohort of apprentices completed their 12-month program with a week-long residency led by Ka’ila Farrell-Smith and Signal Fire. The residency, funded in part by NACF, was designed to connect Indigenous artists with sacred cultural sites and the natural beauty of Oregon’s backcountry. During a seven-day trip across Southern Oregon, the apprentices visited Crater Lake, Summer Lake, and hiked extensively at Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge.

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We’ve come to a point in the world of great challenge, but also great opportunity, in which to revise and revitalize our communities. How do we do that? It always comes back to the arts, because arts revitalize, they tell us who we are, they tell us where we’re going and where we’ve been. Art makes connections on a deep soul level; it connects us in a way beyond words.

― Joy Harjo, NACF Board Chair & U.S. Poet Laureate