Transforming Community
Through Native Arts

“I was taught that our arts carry the spirit of the people. It is through art that we know ourselves. It’s through art into the world and it is through art cultures will be remembered.”

— Joy Harjo (Mvskoke), Poet and Musician

We are forever grateful to the Native nations and tribes, foundations, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals who have so generously enabled the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation to provide the following assistance as of December 31, 2019:

Total program support
Total awards
Native artists and organizations
Different states and the District of Columbia

Upholding our Values through Arts and Cultures


The work of NACF continues to be incredibly significant to creating true equity for Native artists. The organization values not just the work of Native Artists, but their sense of community and approaches to gathering and art making. The transformative, lasting impact of NACF’s work is difficult to measure, as the catalysts are true catalysts for many things to come.

—  Christopher K. Morgan, Native Hawaiian, National Artist Fellow



NACF 2019 Annual Report

Aloha Friends, The Indigenous arts and cultures of the Native peoples of the United States are strong and thriving, despite…
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