A Gift For Thriving Native Arts and Cultures

At Native Arts & Cultures Foundation, we invest in the power of arts as an agent for transformational change rooted in our Native stories, our strengths and our journeys as Indigenous peoples. Our commitment to Native artists and communities is to catalyze new work that influences positive social change.

Your support immediately impacts our ability to advance the work of Native artists and culture bearers who positively contribute to their communities across the country.

Native artists and culture bearers are meaning-makers who help us understand the truth of our past, engage with our present and reimagine a sustainable future.

We are dedicated to supporting the creative value of contemporary and traditional Native arts practices by expanding advocacy, education, and multi-sector work through our programs. But, we can’t do this work alone. Will you consider making your gift in support of Native arts and cultures today?


A gift of $25, $50, $100, $250 – or an amount that is meaningful to you is significant in advancing our mission.

Mana Māhū by Lehuauakea (Kanaka Maoli [Native Hawaiian]), Apprentice to 2020 Mentor Artist Fellow Brenda Mallory
Photo by Mario Galluci
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