Ashley Young


GRANTEE: Ashley Young
LOCATION: Anchorage, Alaska
AWARD: 2023 LIFT– Early Career Support for Native Artists 

Ashley Young is a Tlingit musician based in Anchorage, Alaska. Her vocal dynamic has been described as an array of emotional expressions and effortless warmth. This soulful singer/songwriter’s performance is said to be understated and memorable. She tenderly and humorously invites you into her picture. Young shares their writing process on stage and on social platforms. When writing lyrics, they allow themselves to speak through flows of consciousness. They record themselves singing words as if they’re writing a journal entry. They then listen back and revise, keeping meaningful and “lyrical” moments. Creating in this way helps them write honestly.

Young is reflecting on and exploring how their cultural identity fits into life as a contemporary artist. Their grandparents, whose cultural identities were damaged by assimilation, are proud to see them breaking the cycle. Their grandfather loves to listen to them study our language–it reminds him of his mother. Their grandmother has been helping them pronounce the sounds she recalls from childhood. These are some of the sentimental experiences Young wants to use to move their audience. They hope that their honest accounts of the significant, monotonous, or devastating moments they share encourage their audience to seek their authentic selves. 

 Young was recognized by Anchorage Daily News as the potential breakout star for 2023. They were nominated in the Anchorage Press as “Best Female Singer” in 2022. In Juneau, September 2022, they headlined an all-female music festival, Babefest 

I want to use my voice to promote indigenous joy, encourage native language revitalization, and cultivate awareness of the social injustices so often overlooked in our modern world..

Ashley Young (Tlingit)   


For their LIFT project, Young will write, perform, record, release, and promote a 3-6 track EP, which will be promoted on social platforms, local performances, and a West Coast tour following its release. Their process of lyric-writing will involve research and collaboration with fellow Lingít language leaners and teachers. For a minimum of 1 track, they plan to incorporate a “Tling-lish” (Tlingit / English) hook. One of the tracks will be collaboratively written and performed with SubPop artist, Ya Tseen. 

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