Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts

Grantee:  Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts
Location:  Pendleton, Ore.
Award:  2012 Bridge Initiative for Native Arts
Discipline:  Native Artist Residencies
Web Site:

Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts is a nonprofit organization focused on providing opportunities for Native Americans through artistic development. With an emphasis on contemporary, fine-art printmaking, they also function as a venue to practice traditional Native American art practices — weaving, bead working and regalia making — of the Plateau region.

The Native Artist Residency provided three Native visual artists with printmaking residencies, including Melanie Yazzie (Navajo) and two emerging alumni from the Institute of American Indian Arts. The editions created during these residencies were included in a special Crow’s Shadow exhibition in the main gallery at the Museum of Contemporary Native Art in Santa Fe, N.M. Each artist spent one week at the Crow’s Shadow printmaking studio working collaboratively with Master Printer, Frank Janzen. The work was published and marketed nationally and provided economic opportunities for the artists. Additionally, each artist attended a day-long workshop working with local tribal community members.

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