Anthony Hudson & Felix Furby

CO-LEAD ARTIST:  Anthony Hudson
NATIVE HERITAGE: Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Siletz
LOCATION: Portland, Oregon
CO-LEAD ARTIST:  Felix Furby
NATIVE HERITAGE: Chinook Nation and Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
LOCATION: Cornelius, Oregon
Chachalu Tribal Museum & Cultural Center
New Expressive Works
SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram; Facebook  

Anthony Hudson is an artist and writer also known as Portland, Oregon’s premier drag clown CARLA ROSSI. Hudson’s performance work, from his award-winning solo show Looking for Tiger Lily to Queer Horror, the only LGBTQ horror film and performance series in the country, have earned him national fellowships, international engagements, and sainthood from the Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. A 2023 FSG Writer’s Fellowship finalist, Hudson’s writing has appeared in American Theatre and Arts and International Affairs, and he is currently adapting Looking for Tiger Lily into a book.

Felix Furby works with regional Indigenous history and languages, with focuses on language revitalization, cultural lifeways, and Indigequeer/Two-Spirit inclusion. He believes that ideas of gender and sexuality don’t translate exactly across cultures. He hopes that addressing these specific scars of assimilation, which fundamentally changed our relationships with gender, will undermine enforced stigma and reconnect community divides.

“We hope this leads to establishing a dedicated, physical queer resource room and safer space at Grand Ronde. Ultimately, we want to shift the culture at Grand Ronde to honor and make space for our queer ancestors and living LGBTQIA Tribal members today and help our community remember that we are here and sacred.”

– Anthony Hudson and Felix Furby


For their SHIFT Project, Anthony Hudson and Felix Furby will organize The Shimkhin Project, a touring exhibition and supporting programming about transfeminine Atfalati (Tualatin) Kalapuya healer Shimkhin (1820-1904). The project will also highlight contemporary international Two Spirit and Indigiqueer visual art, voices, and contributions. Lead Partner Organization Chachalu Tribal Museum and Cultural Center in Grand Ronde, Oregon will host the exhibition, which will be accompanied by a performance of an Indigiqueer theatre piece, a catalog publication, and monthly community engagement; it will then tour Oregon cities.


Chachalu Museum and Cultural Center

Chachalu Museum and Cultural Center’s mission is to support a healthy community by facilitating dialogue, maintaining continuity, and providing protection of tribal lifeways for the benefit of future generations. Chachalu tells the story of the Tribes and Bands of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon and to honor their Elders who kept Tribal traditions and dreams alive during the years of Termination. It is a center where the Tribe’s Restoration is celebrated, and their culture is being revitalized. This vision of the Museum is to tell the story of the resiliency of the land and of the people who have lived here since time immemorial.

New Expressive Works

New Expressive Works is a unique endeavor founded in 2012 by Subashini Ganesan-Forbes, the current Chair of the Oregon Arts Commission. N.E.W. is a vibrant space that fosters cross-cultural dialogue and is at the forefront of starting conversations around cultural and artistic stereotypes. N.E.W. is home to an intensive urban residency program that annually offers 8 choreographers 6 months of free rehearsal space, a modest stipend, and a culminating performance opportunity to showcase their new creations. Every year, we celebrate and support local and national independent performing artists as they teach, incubate, and create bold new works. N.E.W.’s positive and uplifting programming always aims to provide equal access to and visibility for diverse artforms.

Felix Furby - Astoria Winter Gathering: Hat Molds - 2023
Felix Furby (left) pictured in Astoria for the Winter Gathering, being honored with a hat for the work he did making hat molds with Chinook Indian Nation students.
Anthony Hudson and Felix Furby
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