Hula Preservation Society

Grantee:  Hula Preservation Society
Location:  Kaneohe, Hawaii
Award:  Artist Networks and Convenings
Discipline:  Honoring the Ancients
Web Site:

This award supported a project which brought Native Hawaiian hula practitioners together to share in and celebrate ancient hula practices for which instruction is not readily available today.

Several specific practices are at great risk – Hula `Ohe (Nose Flute Hula), Hula Papa Hehi ame Kala`au (Treadleboard Dance with Hand Sticks), and Hula `Ulili (Dance with Spinning Gourd Rattle). The creation of and dances utilizing these rare implements have been lost in most hula lines throughout the Hawaiian Islands. HPS is in the position to share its knowledge of these forms with Native artists from across the islands in order to grow the base of Native Hawaiian people with authentic knowledge of these rare forms, further the preservation of each form, promote collaboration among native practitioners involved in the program, and build a core of teachers who desire to master these difficult practices.

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