Grantee:  Jason Garcia
Native Citizenship:  Santa Clara Pueblo Tewa
Location:  Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico
Award:  2018 Mentor Artist Fellowship
Discipline: Contemporary Visual Arts, Printmaking
Web Site: 

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Jason Garcia’s work documents the ever-changing cultural landscape of his home of Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico. Tewa Cultural ceremonies, traditions, and stories, as well as 21st century popular culture, comic books, and technology influence his work. Using traditional materials and traditional Pueblo pottery techniques coupled with various printmaking techniques, this juxtaposition of customary and contemporary materials and techniques connect him to his Ancestral past, landscape, and cultural knowledge. The printmaking media is another way of creating, teaching, and sharing perspective and heritage with a greater audience.

Garcia grew up in an extremely creative immersive environment amongst his Paternal and Maternal family members who are all artists-potters, painters, and jewelers. As a child, he learned first-hand about many different old-style Pueblo pottery techniques from his Grandmothers, Aunts, and Mother. He was also exposed to various types of Native and non-Native art and visited many museums that influenced and shaped his views on art and expanded upon his contemporary art practice.

For his 2018 Mentor Artist Fellowship, Garcia will mentor David Naranjo (Santa Clara Pueblo) in various printmaking techniques with a focus on serigraphy-silkscreen printing. He will also teach Naranjo fine-art framing skills and exhibition preparation, as well as engage him in local art communities.

Naranjo will create his own print editions and the pair will collaborate on a number of prints.

Growing up, I was constantly encouraged to increase my learning abilities and participation in the creation of art. I have made many connections to various art organizations, museums, and collections and would like to share my knowledge.
~ Jason Garcia

Tewa artist Jason Garcia combines traditional Pueblo art forms with pop culture.

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