Join Us for First Friday with Joy O’Hearn

Friday, June 1, 2018

NACF Headquarters, The Academy
400 E. Evergreen Blvd. #101B, Vancouver, WA

What:  You won’t want to miss this Native Artist Series event!  For Vancouver’s First Friday artwalk our featured guest will be the lovely and dynamic feather lei and jewelry maker, Joy Pomaika’i Hau’Oli O’Hearn.

Who:  Joy Pomaika’i Hau’Oli O’Hearn will exhibit her work and (if we are lucky) may surprise us with a demonstration. After an extensive apprenticeship started eight years ago, O’Hearn was certified to teach, speak about and sell her work by the late Paulette Kahalepuna, the renowned, Honolulu-based, Lei Hulu master. O’Hearn will be available to answer any questions you may have about both the exquisite Hawaiian artform of Lei Hulu and her jewelry making arts practice. O’Hearn was born and raised in Macon, Georgia, to a Japanese mother and Native American father, and she now lives in Ridgefield, Washington, with her husband and three dogs. 

Did you know?  The art form of Lei Hulu has been practiced for centuries, although feather adornments were traditionally reserved for Hawaiian royalty and high-ranking nobility. A Lei Hulu master may be able to complete an intricate feather lei in 14 to 24 hours, while a novice lei maker, starting from scratch, might take two or three times as long.  The art requires a different kind of additional prep work, but feather work is similar to stringing a flower lei. In both types of lei making meaning and intention are a critical part of the arts practices. We are very fortunate to have a Lei Hulu artist in our community, as the art form was nearly lost a century ago! Luckily, Lei Hulu has been experiencing a revival aided by the dedication to the art form and generosity of Lei Hulu’s traditional masters.

Parking & Access:  Park anywhere around the building but for ACCESS walk south to the MAIN ENTRANCE front doors facing Evergreen Boulevard. We’ll be manning the doors.

Lost? Call 360-281-1615.