Grantee:  Linda Hogan
Native Citizenship:  Chickasaw Nation
Location: Idledale, Colo.
Award:  2015 National Artist Fellowship
Discipline:  Literature
Web Site:

Linda Hogan’s literary talent has been recognized with many significant awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and a Guggenheim. Her book Rounding the Human Corners was a Pulitzer Prize nominee. She is a member of the Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame.

Hogan’s interest and concern for environmental issues, Native American spiritual traditions, culture and histories are evident in her writing and her extensive public speaking travel. The 2015 National Artist Fellowship is recognition of Linda Hogan’s vast career and creative talent.

In addition to her fiction, poetry and essays, she has edited anthologies of nature and spirituality essays; and written a script titled Everything Has a Spirit, which became a PBS documentary on American Indian Religious Freedom. In 2009, Hogan was a Plenary Speaker at the Environmental Literature Conference in Turkey, and presented a 90-minute program at the International Congress of the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne, as well as moderating and speaking on a panel on Tribal Sovereignty at the same Congress later that year.

Hogan will be one of the contributing writers to the 200-year record of the Andrews Long Term Research site collaboration between scientists and artists.

As an elder, my work is committed to intelligence needing passed along. I want to continue writing our overlapping connections and histories, synapses that pass through the earth-human mind
~ Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan reads at Spirit Lake Poetry Series, 2015

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