Lisa Telford (Haida) was awarded a 2011 NACF Artist Fellowship in Visual Arts.
Grantee:  Lisa Telford
Native Citizenship:  Haida
Location:  Everett, Washington
Award:  2018 Mentor Artist Fellowship
Discipline: Traditional Arts, Weaving
Web Site: none

Born in Ketchikan, Alaska, Lisa Telford descends from a long line of renowned Haida weavers who taught her traditional methods of weaving Haida basketry and Haida cedar bark clothing. Telford uses red and yellow cedar bark for her work, a material that requires a great deal of skill and months to prepare for weaving. She travels hundreds of miles from her home in Everett, Washington to gather the cedar bark, after which it is prepared and then often stored for up to a year. With more than twenty-five years of experience meticulously working with cedar bark, Telford has mastered her technique and creates uniquely innovativing works of art. She steps out of traditional art forms by weaving contemporary clothing items, such as neckties, dresses, and high footwear, in addition to basketry.

Telford has led workshops, demonstrations and classes throughout the Pacific Northwest for more than twenty years. She is generous with her time and knowledge, dedicated to guiding her students and apprentices towards the completion of their own work and a better understanding of the cultural and historical context of their practice. In addition, Telford exhibits her award-winning work in museums and collections across the United States.

For her 2018 Mentor Artist Fellowship, will teach Cathy MacGregor (Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe) the entire process of cedar bark weaving, from pulling the bark, to basket weaving, to the creation of cedar bark clothing. In addition, she will teach MacGregor art business skills from research and marketing to selling. From the mentoring, MacGregor will have a foundation to work towards becoming a sustainable artist.

Remembering that strong desire to weave Is what encourages me to share my knowledge today.
~ Lisa Telford