Repellent Fence, Scare Eye Balloons
Grantee:  Postcommodity Collective
Location:  Santa Fe, N.M.
Award:  Community Inspiration Program
Discipline:  Pilot Demonstration Project
Web Site:

Repellent Fence/Valla Repelente, the largest binational land art installation in history, organized a network of dialogues between indigenous, United States, and Mexican publics and their government agencies, to identify and support indigenous and border community interests, desires, concerns, and goals for creating a more safe, healthy, and culturally appropriate borderlands environment for its citizens.

In October 2015, New Mexico indigenous art collective Postcommodity, composed of artists Cristóbal Martínez (Xicano/Mestizo), Kade L. Twist (Cherokee) and Raven Chacon (Navajo), completed a land art installation and community engagement projects with the publics of the Tohono O’odham, U.S. and Mexico nations, to explore experiences along the U.S./Mexico border, including the ancient Tohono O’odham tribal boundaries which pre-date the political border that currently separates communities.

Visit for full project summary (in English & Spanish)

Visit for information on the documentary by Sam Wainwright Douglas.

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