Emily Johnson (Yup’ik) performing
Grantee:  Emily Johnson
Location:  Minneapolis, Minn
Award:  Community Inspiration Program
Discipline:  Pilot Demonstration Project
Web Site: www.catalystdance.com

SHORE combines a community engagement, cultural experience, and environmental knowledge link through the activities and performance of its dance, story, volunteerism, and feast. The show premiered in Minneapolis, Minnesota June 2014, and has upcoming scheduled tours to New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Alaska throughout 2015.

Emily is trying to make a world where performance is part of life; where performance is an integral connection to each other, our environment, our stories, our past, present, and future.

I view our bodies as everything: our bodies are culture, history, present and future, all at once. Out of respect for and trust in our bodies and collective memories, I give equal weight to story and image, to movement and stillness, to what I imagine and to what I do not know.
~ Emily Johnson, choreographer/director.