Grantee:  Thea Hopkins
Native Ancestry:  Aquinnah Wampanoag
Location: Somerville, Mass.
Award:  2016 National Artist Fellowship
Discipline:  Music
Web Site:

Thea Hopkins majored in composition at the Berklee College of Music and studied voice for ten years. She is best known for her 2001 classic “Jesus is on the Wire” which later became a hit for folk legends Peter, Paul & Mary. Thea has won awards from American Songwriter Magazine and opened for such musicians as Richie Havens, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, David Bromberg, and Larry Campbell. She has performed at the Woody Guthrie Festival, the Greenbelt Festival, the Moseley Folk Festival, and the Outside The Box Festival to name a few.

Thea Hopkins combines distinctive vocal and playing elements in a style described as a “living room vibe”. The range of moods in her lyrics and melodies reflect classical country songwriting. Thea’s descriptive lyrics draw listeners into her tunes leading her fans to greatly enjoy and appreciate her music. Hopkins has an excellent gift of imagery in her song writing that is refreshing, ear catching and leads fans to want more ballads. Colleagues have said that Hopkins’ music is refreshing with vocals that sound like no other when so many in the music business are trying to sound like someone else.

With support from the Fellowship, Hopkins will finish recording her next album and then go on tour.

It is tremendously satisfying to have an audience member approach me after a show and express their thanks.
~ Thea Hopkins

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