California Indian Museum and Cultural Center

Grantee:  California Indian Museum and Cultural Center
Location:  Santa Rosa, Calif.
Award:  Artist and Community Collaboration Initiative
Discipline:  Tribal Ambassadors Through Theater
Web Site:

The project engaged 20 local Native youth ages 5 to 17 who live in Sonoma County, California in creating and delivering a theatrical performance designed to illuminate local Native cultural maintenance and social issues and build awareness and understanding of Native cultures.

Through the performance, the youth shared information about their cultures, languages, stories, ancestral lands, sustainability practices and families with other youth and public school teachers to provide Native perspectives missing from public school texts and instructional resources. The performance took place at the 1,600 seat, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts. It was adapted from Master Storyteller Jacque Nunez’s (Acjachemen) living history play, “Journeys to the Past”.

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