Clatsop Community College

Grantee:  Clatsop Community College
Location:  Astoria, Ore.
Award:  2012 Bridge Initiative for Native Arts
Discipline:  The Pacific Rim Art Exhibit – Emergence From Place
Web Site:

The Clatsop Community College hosted an exhibit curated by artist Lillian Pitt (Warm Springs, Wasco, Yakama) and instructor Richard Rowland (Native Hawaiian). The exhibit brought a select group of eight Native artists from the Pacific Rim featuring “neo-traditional” works and a related series of events.

This project’s activities raised the awareness of the multi-layered diversity of the Native cultures in the region in order to examine and express shared values in relation to contemporary issues. Maori artists Manos Nathan and Colleen Ulrich, Native Hawaiian artists Maile Andrade and Chuck Souza, and local Native American artists Lillian Pitt, Greg Robinson (Chinook), and Gail Tremblay (Onandoga/Mi’kmaq) all participated in a fishbowl conversation on campus, public lectures, and lead several day-long workshops for art students in the area.

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