Resources for Native artists and culture bearers practicing in a diverse range of disciplines. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and only includes opportunities of which NACF has been made aware.

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  • ARTIST RELIEF FUND: $5,000 grants to artists facing dire financial emergencies due to COVID-19.
  • ARTIST RELIEF PROJECT: An initiaitve to help artists, musicians, and performers impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.
  • ARTIST RELIEF FUNDS LIST: An “active” Google spreadsheet with over 100 artist relief funding opportunities.
  • THE ARTISTS’ FELLOWSHIP: Provides emergency aid to professional fine artists and their families in times of sickness, natural disaster, bereavement or unexpected extreme hardship.
  • THE ARTS + CULTURES LEADERS OF COLOR EMERGENCY FUND: A one-time micro grant of $200 for US-based BIPOC artists and administrators.
  • CERF+ – CRAFT EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND: Fund for artists, to include those who create work using historically recognized craft materials, who have experienced a recent, unforeseen emergency or triggering event that has significantly and adversely effected your ability to produce, exhibit and/or market your work.
  • NY FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS: Fund to support non-salaried workers in the visual arts who have experienced financial hardship from lack of income or opportunity as a direct result of the COVID-19 crisis (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut).
  • ACTORS FUND: Provides emergency financial assistance to those in immediate financial need. Funds are available to union and non-union workers in the entertainment and the performing arts. You may be eligible for more than one fund.
  • SWEET RELIEF MUSICIANS FUND: Immediate assistance available for musicians and music industry workers affected by the Coronavirus.
  • MUSICIANS FOUNDATION: Funds for musicians of any genre in a time of acute need, due to personal, medical, dental, or family crisis, natural disaster, or other emergency situation.
  • EQUAL SOUND CORONA RELIEF FUND: For musicians who have lost income due to a canceled gig as a result of the Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak.
  • AMERICAN SOCIETY OF JOURNALISTS AND AUTHORS: Funds for established freelance writers who, because of illness, disability, a natural disaster, or an extraordinary professional crisis are unable to work. Coronavirus-related WEAF funds are only available to those who cannot work because they are currently ill or caring for someone who is ill.
  • AUTHORS LEAGUE FUNDFunding for authors, dramatists, journalists, and poets who are career writers with a substantial body of work
  • RESOURCES LIST: The Authors League compilation of resources for writers and other artists in a pdf document.
  • QUEER WRITERS OF COLOR RELIEF FUND: Provides directly support writers; honestly, it puts money directly in their pockets, money that is needed for bills, medicine, food, transportation, creation, and more.
  • NDN COLLECTIVE: Providing immediate relief to frontline organizations, Tribes and individuals to provide gap services during this health crisis, and to artists and entrepreneurs who have suffered the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Updated May 21, 2020