Evaluating Community Arts-Based Projects – A Native Arts and Cultures Perspective


Native Arts and Cultures Foundation President & CEO Lulani Arquette will speak at the 2017 Philanthropy Northwest Conference in Vancouver, Washington this October, joining the panel Social Change Through Art: New Frameworks for Assessing Community Impact to help educate community foundations, corporate giving offices, family foundations and public foundations throughout the Pacific Northwest on the ways and means to recognize success and value in community arts through a multicultural lens.

Session Description

How do you define and measure the value of a community arts-based project or program? What lies at the intersection of artistic creation and democratic engagement? A new framework driven by artists, allies and funders describes 11 qualities from the artist’s process that contribute to artistic potency and civic effectiveness. When applied, these qualities lead to more effective civic engagement among communities of color. Examples will be provided from Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities. We’ll dive into the value of investing in arts and culture as a path to social change and stronger, more resilient communities. Bonus value is examples of how the framework may be applied to other sectors.


  • T. Lulani Arquette, Native Arts and Cultures Foundation
  • John Borstel, Co-Author of Aesthetic Perspectives: Attributes for Excellence in Arts for Change

To learn more about the Philanthropy Northwest conference and register to attend, click here.

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