Giving Thanks ~ A Message from President Lulani Arquette

We believe in the power, beauty, and resilience of Native arts and cultures. In challenging times such as these, we know that Native voices offer much-needed perspectives, inspiring creative solutions to some of our nation’s most difficult collective challenges.

NACF President & CEO Lulani Arquette with NACF Board Member Sven Haakanson, June 2, 2017.

On behalf of the 200+ American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native recipients of Native Arts and Cultures Foundation (NACF) awards, I want to thank our supporters and allies for championing Native artists and organizations throughout the United States. Quite literally, without your encouragement and generosity, the NACF could not provide the life-changing awards which sustain and grow some of today’s most creative, and compassionate, voices in their work to revitalize, strengthen, and innovate through the arts – voices which I believe are needed now more than ever.

As I look back at 2017, I am both humbled and inspired by the strides we have made as advocates and change makers across the national landscape of Native arts. In the past year, the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation:

  • Organized its first Artist Fellow Convening, bringing together cross-disciplinary Native artists to foster their professional development, communal solidarity, and creativity
  • Honored 12 Mentor Artist Fellows, Traditional or Visual Artists who have committed to spend one intensive year through the NACF, teaching an emerging artist their artistic skills and cultural knowledge
  • Supported nine organizations to organize performances, symposiums, and exhibits featuring the work of Native artists, locally and internationally
  • Published Progressing Issues of Social Importance Through the Work of Indigenous Artists, educating a national audience about the ways in which Native communities recognize and find value in artistic practices
  • Acted as a catalyst to raise up the voices of the Native arts and cultures field at over 10 conferences and educational sessions.

Of course, we want to keep building on our important work, assisting more artists and changing the national conversation to ensure the Native voice is heard. But we can only do so with your support.

During this season of giving, I hope we can count on you to give a gift to the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation by December 31st, joining us in our work to build a resilient foundation for Native arts and cultures.

You can do so by making a one-time, tax-deductible gift through our secure online giving page, or consider joining our Carrying the Medicine Circle! For as little as $5 a month, you can provide ongoing support for Native arts and cultures. Every little bit helps, and we are so truly grateful for your gifts – whether you can show that with a financial gift or by simply helping new artists find their home in the Native Arts and Cultures community.

T. Lulani Arquette, President & CEO

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