Jennifer M. Stevens

Jennifer M. Stevens (Oneida/Lakota) was awarded a 2014 NACF Regional Artist Fellowship in Traditional Arts.
Grantee:  Jennifer M. Stevens
Native Citizenship:  Oneida/Lakota
Location:  Green Bay, Wis.
Award:  2014 NACF Regional Artist Fellowship
Discipline:  Traditional Arts
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Jennifer is among the second generation of potters to revive this Indigenous-innovated form of pottery and actively teaches next generations of ceramic artists the techniques of hand-building.

Jennifer M. Stevens creates Haudenosaunee (Iroquois-Six Nations)-style pottery that is kiln fired and shaped by hand, a practice nearly lost to the next generations due to colonization. Stevens is a member of the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin and a descendant of the Lakota Nation, with family in Pine Ridge, S.D.

The Green Bay, Wis.-based artist views the creation of each pot as an educational experience and a means by which she can connect with her ancestral roots. She sees the re-emergence of Oneida pottery and the creation of new works as a symbol of the resilience and strength that allows Native peoples to continue to carry traditions forward in spite of any obstacles.