Grantee:  Pitzer College
Location:  Claremont, Calif.
Award:  2013 Bridge Initiative for Native Arts
Discipline:  Native American Summer Pipeline Program
Web Site:

Pitzer College, located in Claremont, Calif., is an interdisciplinary liberal arts institution with an emphasis on social justice, environmental sensitivity and intercultural understanding in its curriculum.

Pitzer’s Native American Summer Pipeline Program was a two-week, on-campus, college life experience designed to inspire and motivate Native high-school students to graduate. Hosted in association with Western University of Health Sciences, the Pipeline curriculum included academic and creative writing, computer literacy, multidisciplinary arts workshops and a class on Health Sciences and Native American Community Wellness.

Visiting Native artists and elders featured prominently in the program and shared their stories, knowledge, cultures and artistic practices with the students. The students were empowered by the Pipeline to return home with the knowledge and tools needed to emerge as effective health advocates within their communities. Additionally the curriculum was designed to promote student leadership and strengthen self-esteem driven by the authentic and valuable connection to their traditional knowledge and cultures.

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