NACF Partners with Google Arts and Culture

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In a groundbreaking move NACF partners with Google Arts and Culture to leverage technology for social transformation, in a recent collaboration with Google Arts and Culture Portland. On April 4th, the virtual doors swung open to “Profoundly Portland,” a dynamic platform curated to showcase the vibrant cultural tapestry of the city. Among the 14 partners featured in this inaugural launch, NACF is excited to be a beacon of Indigenous creativity and ingenuity.

Shyla Spicer (Yakama), President/CEO of NACF, took to the stage to applaud Google’s initiative and to underscore the pivotal role of collaboration in reshaping the landscape for Native artists. Spicer emphasized the urgent need to forge equitable pathways for artistic expression, echoing the sentiment that collective action is the linchpin for driving systemic change. Through strategic alliances with tech partners like Google, NACF is focused towards a more inclusive future where Indigenous voices resonate powerfully.

The initiative showcases cultural innovation in the Pacific Northwest on a global platform, and the spotlight now illuminates narratives deeply rooted in Indigenous perspectives. With a click of a mouse, users from every corner of the globe can embark on a journey through Portland’s cultural DNA, experiencing the richness of Indigenous artistry firsthand.

NACF CEO Shyla Spicer with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

The significance of this partnership extends far beyond mere digital curation; it symbolizes a seismic shift in the way technology can be harnessed to amplify underrepresented voices and catalyze social change. NACF’s unwavering commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships positions its pivotal role as a catalyst for collective action. Through platforms like “Profoundly Portland,” the transformative power of art becomes a force for dismantling barriers and nurturing a more equitable future for Native artists worldwide.

NACF Staff Left to Right: Katy Hilton, Gabriella Tagliacozzo, Shyla Spicer and Mandy Yeahpau

In a world increasingly defined by digital connectivity, NACF’s leadership in this arena serves as a sign of hope and inspiration. As the boundaries between art, technology, and social impact blur, NACF remains steadfast in its mission to harness innovation as a catalyst for positive change. With each click, each share, and each story told, the journey towards a more inclusive and equitable world takes a leap forward.

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