In Memoriam: Remembering N. Scott Momaday, A Literary Luminary

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Photo by Brandon Soder

The Native Arts & Cultures Foundation (NACF) mourns the loss of N. Scott Momaday (Kiowa), a beacon of Native American storytelling that illuminated the hearts and minds of readers around the world. With profound sadness, we bid farewell to this extraordinary wordsmith, whose legacy will forever grace the archives of literary history.

Born into the Kiowa tribe, Momaday’s pen wielded the power to weave tapestries of tradition, myth, and the timeless essence of the American Southwest. His Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, “House Made of Dawn,” stands as a masterpiece of modern Native American literature, its pages resonating with the echoes of ancestral wisdom and the struggle for identity in a rapidly changing world.

But beyond his literary achievements, Momaday was a cultural ambassador, a voice for Indigenous peoples whose narratives often went unheard. Through his writing, he carved pathways of understanding, inviting readers to journey alongside him through landscapes both physical and spiritual.

In tribute to his remarkable life and contributions, we invite you to remember N. Scott Momaday not only through his written works but also through the rich tapestry of his spoken word. In a poignant radio interview from June 2022, Momaday shared his insights and experiences with Andrea R. H A N L E Y, Vice President of Programs at the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation, on Nativescape, KSFR FM.

In this interview, Momaday’s voice resonates with warmth and wisdom as he delves into the depths of Native American art, culture, and the enduring power of storytelling. His words, like the brushstrokes of a master painter, paint vivid portraits of a world both ancient and contemporary, inviting listeners to contemplate the threads that bind us all.

As we mourn the loss of N. Scott Momaday, let us also celebrate his life and legacy by embracing the stories he left behind. Through his words, may we continue to honor the rich tapestry of Native American culture and carry forward the torch of understanding and empathy he so brilliantly illuminated.

N. Scott Momaday’s spirit will forever linger in the pages of his works and the hearts of those who cherish the power of storytelling to unite and inspire. Farewell, dear storyteller. Your words will echo through eternity, a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit.

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