Star Wallowing Bull

Star Wallowing Bull (Ojibwe/Arapaho) was awarded a 2014 NACF Regional Artist Fellowship in Visual Arts.
Grantee:  Star Wallowing Bull
Native Citizenship:  Ojibwe/Arapaho
Location:  Moorhead, Minn.
Award:  2014 NACF Regional Artist Fellowship
Discipline:  Visual Art
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With the support of a 2014 NACF Regional Artist Fellowship, Wallowing Bull will find new sources of inspiration from the practices of his mother’s people on the Wind River Reservation and researching works in Wyoming collections.

Star Wallowing Bull employs colored pencil on paper and acrylic on canvas to explore intersections of American Indian and U.S. pop culture in the 21st Century. Wallowing Bull creates intricate visual compositions layered with pop imagery that draw heavily from influences in his Ojibwe and Arapaho heritage. His work brings into view, the mechanical shapes that hide under the skin of everyday objects and delves into themes of evolving identities, political realities and environmental concerns. He is a member of the White Earth Band of Chippewa and is based in Moorhead, Minn.

“I really appreciate the award given to me. I’m honored and thankful,” said Wallowing Bull. “I want to learn their [the Arapaho community] personal stories, who they are and what their political views and environmental concerns are. The fellowship will allow me to do this and to spend time engaged with the Arapaho community and our cultural traditions.”

Works created by Wallowing Bull as part of his fellowship will be presented in an exhibition at Bockley Gallery in Minneapolis.