The Cultural Conservancy

Grantee: The Cultural Conservancy
Location:  San Francisco, Calif.
Award:  2013 Bridge Initiative for Native Arts
Discipline:  Native Youth Media, Arts and Cultural Health Project
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Through research, education, advocacy and alliance building, The Cultural Conservancy’s mission is to protect Native lands, document and revitalize endangered songs, stories and traditional knowledge and advocate for the health and well being of indigenous communities.

In the conservancy’s Native Youth Media, Arts and Cultural Health Project, Native youth learned many aspects of Native watercraft traditions, including how to carve their own functional canoe paddles and how to build a traditional Tule boat. Native youth learned stories, language, songs and protocols associated with Native water-crafts and waters. The project reconnected the youth to the environment and heled ground them in a sense of place. Issues of reconnecting to the land and cultural well-being were explored, addressing historical trauma and cultural identity. Outcomes of the project demonstrated an increased emotional health and cultural vitality in the youth.