“We Are The Land” Native American Heritage Month Activation 📷 🪶

For #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth NACF partnered with Josué Rivas (Mexica and Otomi) Founder and Creative Director of INDÍGENA to bring visibility to the original people of these lands and begin a conversation that’s been long overdue.

While the story of Native American peoples is woven into the fabric of this country, all too-often Indigenous Americans are erased or not a part of the National conversation.

Josué Rivas’ installation We Are The Land was created with the intention of building a bridge between representation and conversation.

On a sunny fall day, Josué and his team applied the portrait of Marcos Alvey (Hopi & Tewa) to a large garage door on the Center for Native Arts and Cultures building that faces Belmont Street in northeast Portland.

Watch the video here.

“Native people are present in a city that rarely understands how to provide space and dialogue between tribes and representatives,” says Josué.

By showcasing Indigenous portraiture across the city of Portland, Oregon, Josué aims to make local Indigenous people and their contributions to the region more visible.

Read about other locations in Portland where portraits appeared in this piece in the Oregonian.

Photos by Robert Franklin