The voices of Native artists and culturebearers are steadily reaching larger and more diverse audiences across the nation. Both urban and rural Native artists and arts organizations possess the same potential to inspire and energize their communities and to play a leading role in sparking conversation around social issues.

To address the lack of economic resources and to progress social change, Native Arts and Cultures Foundation’s Community Inspiration Program (CIP) Native Nation Partnerships (NNP) initiative provides funding from $5,000 to $10,000 to Native Nation arts organizations in support of an arts and cultures project. This funding requires at least a 50% in-kind or monetary match by the tribe or organization. In addition to funding, NACF offers its support and expertise by assisting with project infrastructure and logistics.


  • Increase community and/or cross-sector partnerships.
  • Extend cultural knowledge and exchange.
  • Uplift consciousness both inside and outside Native communities.
  • Reinforce connection to homeland and community for the participants.
  • Transform community and project participants towards social engagement.


The Community Inspiration Program Native Nation Partnerships (NNP) (NNP) is by invitation only and supports Native organizations working on tribal and Native homelands that engage their community towards social progression through a social art project. The selected social art project is planned, organized, and managed by the awarded organization with co-leadership by their community’s artist(s).

A selected project will:

  • Address a social issue relevant and significant in the organization’s community.
  • Engage the community in a process of positive social progression.
  • Partner with other Native artists, community-based organizations, arts organizations, educational institutions, and/or advocacy organizations who are also working on tribal or Native homelands, in order to create combined social advocacy efforts and bring together perspectives addressing similar social issues in their respective communities.
  • Demonstrate ongoing sustainability of the proposed project (NACF does not seek to invite start-up or one-time event project proposals at this time).
  • Apply cultural knowledge and artistic skills/practice that nurture participants to find their creative expression through the social art project.


Restoration of the Spirit – The Klamath Tribes

Songs are an integral piece of identity for the Klamath, Modoc, and Yahooskin Paiute people of Southern Oregon and Northern California. The Restoration of the Spirit project aims to teach traditional song knowledge with the community.

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Thank You Initiative Partners!

We are grateful to the Meyer Memorial Trust and the Collins Foundation, who share our vision of a thriving Native arts community. Their support will make this pilot program possible for the state of Oregon.